Diversity & Inclusion

We’re stronger together—as equals!

The last year has made it clear to Korey and I that we need to have stronger voices for our community. It’s not enough for us to fight racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination only in our personal lives. I hope this page serves as more transparency into our existing values and how we plan to grow as better allies for our community.

Let’s get right to the point: Korey and I stand with our community, both personally and professionally, and we do not tolerate any type of discrimination from ourselves, our clients, our friends, our families, our colleagues, or any vendors we do business with. We can’t promise that we won’t screw up or possibly say the wrong thing sometimes; we’re human. But we can promise that if we do, we will own up to it and listen so we can continue to grow, and that we will continue to educate ourselves.

How we plan to move forward:

  • BEING LOUDER: Although we’re very against performative allyship, we realize how important it is to hear upfront that a business you support cares about human lives, rights, equality, and safety. Although photography is our game and it’s why many of you follow us, going forward we plan to show more of our hearts and the things we feel strongly about. This includes resources, information, education, and support for our BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and disabled communities.
  • UPLIFTING UNDERREPRESENTED VOICES: We fully understand that, as important as our support is, the voices of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and disabled communities should never be drowned out by our own words. We’re here to stand with you and to amplify your voices and experiences. We will share and utilize resources, education, and other topics that are actually spoken/written by people of each of these communities whenever possible.
  • EDUCATION: It’s never been more obvious than now that the American history we were raised learning was very often not the full truth. We’re taking it upon ourselves to learn full histories, whether in articles, books, or documentaries; to cross-check our facts; to remain open to hearing that something we think we know may be wrong; and to genuinely listen to the experiences that the BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented communities have had to (and continue to) endure.
  • ANTI-RACISM, ANTI-HOMOPHOBIA, & ANTI-DISCRIMINATION: We vow to outwardly stand up against racism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination and cruelty, whether obvious or systemic, instead of letting it slide by avoiding the confrontation. These are a group of things we don’t merely consider a “difference in opinion”; we consider it a lack of morality and empathy. Does this mean we’ll stop working with or recommending other vendors, businesses, and clients who we find out display these traits? To put it bluntly: yes, absolutely. We have no issue with ending relationships under these circumstances.
  • KEEPING OUR COMMUNITY SAFE: COVID-19 made it very clear that we all have to work together to ensure the safety of our community. Korey and I have and will continue to do our part to adhere to current pandemic laws and protocols, partake in safe practices, listen to science, and provide safety equipment and a clean meeting space for our clients. If you have more questions about the steps we take to ensure your safety and ours here at Lace + Fern, please reach out!
  • DIVERSIFYING OUR FEED: Representation is important, and our portfolio does not represent enough of the diversity Alaska has. We want to change that. Our dream in running a photography business has always been to foster genuine connections with our community. With that in mind, we promise we will never tokenize the color of your skin, your body, your background, or your sexual identification in order to make us look better. We want to earn your trust in us organically, and we understand that will take work and time. If at any time you feel that something we’ve said or posted comes across as performative or tokenizing, please have a conversation with us.

Diversity is natural and beautiful. Everyone deserves to feel like they belong, are safe, and are given truly equal opportunities and treatment. We know that our voices and statement alone won’t change the issues in our state, country, or world singlehandedly; but Korey and I hope that by speaking out and listening to our community more, we can contribute to the solution of making a safer, more inclusive world.

Please reach out to jill@laceandfern.com if you have any questions or suggestions for us. We are always open for deeper discussions on how we can improve ourselves and our business, and how we can better support our community.